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The B.Y.E. Tape-In Hair Extensions are 100% Pure VIRGIN, lightweight, painless and reusable! High quality hair extensions that will be the next staple in your beauty regimen! Enhance length and volume with thin, 1” taped wefts that are “sandwiched” together with your natural hair in between. An average, professional install should last 6-8 weeks. The B.Y.E. Tape-In Hair Extensions can be reused for 2+ years with proper maintenance.

B.Y.E. Tape-In Hair Extensions will give you the volume and/or length you desire. They are 100% pure virgin, top grade and cuticle aligned, producing a natural, seamless finish. 

Each pack contains 40 pcs - 100 grams total.

1-2 packs - Lightly enhance length and volume for the most natural finish.
3-4 packs - Fully enhance length and volume.
4+ packs - Dramatically enhances length and volume.


All B.Y.E. Hair Can Be Colored/Dyed/Bleached. 


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