B.Y.E. Straight Ponytail Because Youre Enough
B.Y.E. Straight Ponytail Because You’re Enough
B.Y.E. Straight Ponytail Because You’re Enough

B.Y.E. Straight Ponytail

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Say B.Y.E. to glue! Our Ponytails will give you a dramatic change in a healthy way! Whether you choose our wrap-around or drawstring ponytails, you will enjoy an amazing look which you can style yourself and look like you just stepped out of your stylists chair!

18"-22" ponytails are 120 grams; 24"-28"  ponytails are 200 grams. 

All Styles are 100% Virgin, Cuticle aligned and Double Drawn

General FAQ

How do I install Clip-ins?
It’s simple! Click the link to watch installation!
Do I need glue?
No! You only need a comb to part your hair into sections. Everything you need
and more will be included in your B.Y.E. Package!
What else do I need to install Clip-ins?
You will only need a comb, which will be included with your order, along with an
edge scarf and edge brush.
Where is the hair sourced?
Our hair is sourced from very high quality markets in India, Europe, South
America and Asia. 
Is the hair human hair?
Yes. 100% human hair from 1 young donor.
How long does the hair last?
2+ years with correct maintenance. Click on link to learn how to maintain your
hair extensions.
Does the hair shed?
The hair may shed some when brushed or combed, but only as much as a
person with natural, healthy hair. Our hair is high quality and will not shed much.
Does the hair tangle?
It does not tangle at all when properly managed.  Click link for maintenance.
How do I care for my extensions?
Click the link to learn about maintaining your hair extensions.
How many packs of clip-in should I buy?
1 to cover a full head. If you want a more dramatic look, buy 2. 1 will be enough
to fully cover a full head. 
How long is the install process for each unit?
Between 10-20 minutes.
Can you color the hair?
Yes! Feel free to color the hair as much as you want. Remember that it’s human
hair and you will need to maintain it as you would your natural hair with color.

Item FAQ

Coming Soon!

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